Military Mayhem Rules and Regulations.


Users are only allowed one account in Military Mayhem. Any User found to have more than one account will have their main account Jailed and all other accounts deleted.

It is your account therefore your responsibility, here are a couple of helpful DON'TS
* Don't give your password out to anyone!!
* Don't use auto save password on computers with multiple user access.

If you suspect another person to be imitating your account, inform Admins immediately.
If you access the game from a place of work / school / college or other place where multiple accesses*** are possible, inform admins immediately.
Transfers** between accounts on the same IP address are not permitted.

Logging in to, or using another user's account without their express permission is not allowed. This will result in the offender's account/s being Fed Jailed or deleted.

You may take control of a friends account for a period of no more than 14 days. But there must be no interaction between accounts whilst you are in control of it. (Please inform an admin before you do.)

Repetitive programs- Any piece of software without human interaction or regard to the content displayed is prohibited. In other words every click sent to the game servers must come from a live person, not an automated system. Anyone found using such a system will be Fed Jailed or have their account deleted.

Transfer of points, money or items from accounts of players who are no longer playing Military Mayhem is prohibited. (Any money, points and / or items will be taken back.)

  • Content.

    Young Adults, PG-13, may play this game so try and keep it as clean as possible please. Mild swearing will be permitted and usually left to the users own discretion. But if you are reported for foul language you may receive a mail ban.

    Offensive, Pornographic or Discriminating Images / Language on your Profile Pictures or Forum Signatures will result in them being removed and your account Fed Jailed!

    Only normal text characters in your user or Corps names are allowed. No special symbols please.

    Advertisement of any kind for any other sites, games or businesses without the explicit permission of the owners of Military Mayhem is not permitted.

    Intentionally spamming or flooding of mailing systems, message boards or forums will result in a 10-30 day mail ban and / or a 10 day jail term, depending on the severity.

  • Game Changes.

    Donator packs are non refundable, however if we need to reset or restart the game for any reason then we will recredit everyone's lost donations. (Conditions May Apply!!)
    (NOTE: - If the game changes owners then they may not up hold previous donations. We cannot be not be held responsible for actions they take in re-crediting donations if the game is restarted)

    Lost items or stats will not be returned unless caused by a game bug or glitch.
    (DO NOT ask staff to return scammed items / cash, or items / cash lost through your own mistakes.)

    Game accounts, currency or anything within Military Mayhem being sold for either real money or money / items in another game is not permitted. Any player found doing so will be punished accordingly.

  • Corps.

    When creating a Corps please have a 2nd and 3rd member in line already, as one and two man Corps are not permitted. This may seem strange but during wars a one and two man Corps can be unfair! (You will have 24hrs to appoint or add two other members in your Corps once it has been created. Failure to comply with this could result in the Corps being deleted.)

    Once a Corps respect has been reduced to 0, all members will be kicked and the Corps deleted. Anything in the Corps at the time will be lost!

    A Corps being created just to war for respect is not allowed. Any Corps / users found doing this will be punished accordingly.

  • Player harassment.

    As the Internet is such an active environment, flame wars are bound to happen. It is therefore up to game staff to determine when a communication crosses the line into abusive. This is not to say that everyone must play nice, it is a Military based game after all. The harassment law applies to continued and targeted harassment of a particular user, not the occasional insult. This includes harassment of another user of this game because of actions committed against you in another; activities in another game belong in that game.

    Everyone knows when enough is enough and if you don't then there is no place for you in our community.

    If you think you are being harassed by another user then mail a member of staff and it will be looked into.

  • Scamming.

    Scamming is an illegal offence in Military Mayhem. Ripping people off will not be tolerated in any manner. Any attempt to scam people will result in either a jail sentence or the offenders account being deleted, (Dependant on severity.) This also includes continuously getting married and divorcing, taking all the cash from the marriage tools with you.

    Attacking people is all part of the game and should be expected; asking for cash to not attack someone is not scamming, but may be classed as harassment if taken too far. Common sense should dictate here!

  • Other.

    The donation links are for DONATING to the game.
    Donations are voluntary contributions to the owners to pay for the running and improvement of the game.
    They are not purchases and are not to be treated as such under internet, international or your local national law.

    Game bug abuse will result in anywhere from a 30 day Jail term to the user's account being deleted. Bugs, loopholes, security flaws, or any inconsistencies in the game should be reported immediately to an admin.

    Repeat offenders will end up with harsher sentences, or even account deletion and IP ban.

    If you know of anyone using multi accounts or are cheating / abusing the game in any way please report it to a member of Staff immediately.

  • Staff.

    Player-Staff interaction; Both Players and Staff must act in a respectful manner. Staff members do not actively play the game. Their presence is more admin and testing purposes only.

    Staff obligations to players; Staff are obliged to respond to all questions and requests by players in a respectful and timely manner. (There is a chain of staff, Admin, Secretaries and Assistants. Please see the appropriate member of staff for any queries.)

    If a member of staff is bothering you for any reason mail Slyone00 [1] in game immediately and we will look into it straight away. (For confidentiality you can email at;

  • These rules are subject to change without notice, check them from time to time as ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse.

    Admins always have the right to refuse access to a player without notification.
    Thank you for reading and abiding by our game rules. Enjoy the game and play fair.. MM Staff!!.

    ** Transfers include game money, items, dogtags or anything benficial to a players stature in the game as deemed so by the Admins.
    *** Where mutiple users may have the same IP address.
    Login here.